Traffic & Transportation

We provide a complete range of services from designing and preparing traffic management drawings through to the delivery of the traffic management solution itself. Every project matters which is why all of our cases are handled by our highly experienced team that attends to your Traffic Management requirements.


Architecture + Interior Design

Amoodrah provides its clients with innovative design solutions that are both functional and inspiring. This is demonstrated by the successful delivery of a range of high profile projects within the commercial workplace, hospitality, mixed-use, residential and commercial sectors.

All appropriate building materials are considered through the early stages of design and take on board the aesthetic, sustainable, and economic performance requirements of the project.


Road and Rail Engineering

Our specialized engineers handle the design, construction, and operation of railroads and mass transit systems that use a fixed guideway (such as light rail or monorails). Typical tasks include determining horizontal and vertical alignment design, station location and design, and construction cost estimating. Our goal is to build a cleaner and safer transportation network by reinvesting and revitalizing the rail system to meet future demands.


Overall Design and Construction Field Inspection

Overall design and Construction Field Inspection is the other area of our expertise. According to the needs of projects, Amoodrah provides a complete range of field inspection scope of services.



Amoodrah offers a broad range of structural engineering design services delivering thoughtful, well-engineered, and cost-effective solutions to meet the expectations of our clients. Our skilled and experienced design engineers utilize state of the art 3D modeling software for design analysis to test structural solutions in a virtual world and push the boundaries of efficiency. The structural models also help our engineers to see how complex geometry and components of design work together.


Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)

Mechanical engineering department Deals with a wide range of Mechanical services from large-scale plants to residential and unique projects.
BMS, Lighting and power is also part of our MEP department. Our engineers stay informed about the latest trends and technologies in their respective fields.


Project Management

Project management is at the core of all projects handled in the company. This happens within each design project and more profoundly within the framework of construction development as required by individual clients.  This has often developed to Managing Contract role in many project. We provide a complete range of services from design through construction managing services. Every project matters, which is why all of our cases are handled by our highly experienced project management team that handles the specific requirements of each project. We also have developed partnerships with outstanding construction companies to jointly perform the EPC project which requires a tightly integrated total solution project development under one umbrella.


Building Information Modeling

Our BIM system helped us to resolve our project issues. This system helps coordinate the design processes and quickly identify issues that can latter cost heavily to remedy during the construction. It is a great help with simulation and analysis of different parts of the project. Incorporating BIM in the design process can reduce design errors and therefore speed up the productivity in the construction field and get the job done more efficiently.

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